New Slink Collections @ NS2C

kitty fat pack 5

The New Slink Pumps Are Now Available inworld and MP … heres just a teaser glance

romero britto colection 4 pack_001

the owls pumps_001 skull combo 3 pack_001


Last Week on Winter Wonderland Event and Hunt

winter wonderland event


Last Week on the Winter Wonderland Event were NS2C is Proudly Present

There´s a hunt around the sim or in the Stores Stall´s 1$ Hunt look for Giftboxes

And check out our New Outfits present There And one Exclusive for The event

red and white

New Men outfits special packs

Cartman final MP

5 Tee Pack for all the South Park Fans is now available inworld and MP

yoda pack MP darth vader final MP

Star Wars Fan 4 Packs available for the Fans on MP and Inworld


Black Friday Weekend still up for more 24h


NS2C Black Friday Weekend for 24h more…come and get the low priced sexy Outfits at the store

we do 10 for 10$ because our Vip´s deserve it , Black Friday Vendor in the Store and the 24h Promo

4 articles for low price Hurry the clock is ticking

24h promo logo

New Lace & Leather Lines @ NS2C

NS2C New lace lines

New Lace Lingerie Lines with Xplosion & Lolas Appliers and Sexy V leather come and get them

leathers poster

Last Week on Candy Land Hunt

NSC2 blog

Last 10 Days to Get your Candy´s From the Castle…special price Gift Themed for the hunt below

Candy top final

3 Outfits @ Candy Land Hunt

candy bunny final

On every Hunt we will have Special Outfits created Just for the Hunt Theme

This time we have a sexy Candy Bunny a delicious mini dress & Cherry special

candy seduction candy cherry

Come and get them at The Castle on Special Hunt Price for Limited Time

Candy Land Hunt

Candy land hunt poster

Candy Land Castle :

After the Success of our Previous Hunt in the Castle we will continue to do them on it

Ready?? … gooooo

To prepare you for the Christmas  sugar rush for the 3 next weeks NS2C will Be your Sweet addiction

like our Vip´s are used to 10 Sweet Prizes for 1$ each this time 10 for the ladies and 5 for the Guys

all sweet & sexy some of them extra delicious with some extra low price outfits and accessories for the themed Hunt, the 10 cherry´s are all over the place remeber there are 3 floors on the castle and a secret room with a sweet outfit at super sexy Price of 5$ Hint – Careful where you step or press on the 1st Floor

Hunt Object – Red Cherry ( caution it is extra sweet )

Like all other Hunts all Vip´s that find all 10 prizes get an extra prize ( any 1 outfit from the store bellow)

so after hunting prepare that notecard with the object names and send it to the store managers

Nunodadid resident & crikka1 resident use the teleporter on the Hunt to go bellow on the Store and chose your outfit

Happy Hunting

Thank you to Our Vip´s

Top October

NS2C Would like to express our thank yous to all our Vip´s and Supporters for getting

the Store on the Top 10 Hunts ( between more then 85 Hunts Around the Grid )

and Getting us 2nd Place ( 1st Store alone ) with voting on SL popular places

has Store Managers and Designers we are very happy for your Support

Alice in Darkland

Our Alice In Dark land success continues at the Queen Of Hearts Castle till 11/11 Grab It  ( Direct TP to the Castle )

or you can Grab the Sci-fi Teleport at the store entrance


Happy shopping

Nuno & crikka

Halloween Treats & Special editions

special edition

Our Suede Success Ankle Boots have a Special Edition just for Halloween for 60$ In world

Dont forget Also to check our Sexy Halloween Bunnies With the Delicious Lingerie Sets

Halloween Bunnys poster