once upon 2



Since we were Little our favorite time of the day or just before we sleep was the words..

Once Upon a time…

We all remember those  Stories and Inspired in Them Our Store Created a Fairytale Inspired hunt

So Lets Start

Once Upon a time There were 7 Princess and 3 Prince, they lived on a second life Castle surrounded by a lovely Sand beach palm trees and Mountains, one time all the Princess got lost some were outside the Castle Others were Inside, but they Vanished in thin air.
when the 3 Princes heard this awful news they rushed to the rescue but got lost too…will you help us find them?
theres a reward for such a noble task

Ready to Hunt ? so you will find Books around the store or outside

7 Fairytale Outfits for the Ladies and 3 for the Guys all inspired in Fairytale characters

again like all our outfit hunts every VIP that joins the group and hunts all 7 items for Ladies or the 3 for the Guys and contact the store owners with a notecard with the names of all 7 or 3 outfits gets a gift back this time off course a Themed Gift

Hunting Objects :

– Lilac Book ( Ladies ) 7 Items

– Red Book ( Men ) 3 Items


Ready..set..go, Enjoy your Fairytale outfits

Happy Hunting


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