summer days hunt posster cópia

On Second Life Summer is never over, and we know everyone loves to put the bikinis and the shorts on and hit the Beach SIM, so we wont let our Hunters down and created 10 Items 5 each genre with full outfits to dress up and Hit the Sand, grab a towel and the sun lotion the full outfits are waiting for you

Ready to Hunt ? so you will find  Star Fish of different colors Yellow for the Ladies and Red for the Guys

all 5 outfits for each genre are exclusive and both have 2 exclusive items inside for both genders so why not hunt them all

again like all our outfit hunts every VIP that joins the group and hunts all 5 items for each genre and contact the store owners with a notecard with the names of all 5 outfits gets a gift back this time off course a summer gift


Ready..set..go, and remember on second life summer is eternal

Happy Hunting



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