spring flowers hunt cópia

NS2C  – Store Hunts continue…After the huge success of the Easter Hunt, we decided to have always one active at the Store to follow all the other successful Hunts, present on our Costumers  favorite store

This Time we will have a 60$ deal for our next hunt…6 spring themed outfits for the ladies each at 10$ for one Month so go Hunting and bring your Lady friends to grab our flowers… you will be looking for a ( Red Rose image )

Has a Spring gift for every one that finds all 6 roses Joins our Group and sends a inworld notecard and / or email to the store with the 6 names of the hunted Flowers outfits gets a free gift ( Yes Free )

all you need to do is join NS2C Group send the outfit names to Nunodavid Resident or send our store an email

and you can choose any 1 outfit of NS2C and get it free of charge…easy has that 🙂


Happy Hunting

Nunodavid Resident


ns2c spring hunt


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