Dance with me Hunt @ Grace

dance with me dance poster

NS2C Outlet new September  Hunt

To celebrate the different Dance styles this 10 items Hunt will have from dresses and packs for the Ladies and outfits for the Guys with packs also…have fun Hunting and getting different looks for your Themed Party´s

Objects to Hunt – A dancer Lady Image ( Red for the Ladies / Blue For the Guys )


Celebrate with the best outfits and the different styles from Formal to Rock from salsa to country and much more

Happy Hunting

Summer Days – Summer is never over

summer days hunt posster cópia

On Second Life Summer is never over, and we know everyone loves to put the bikinis and the shorts on and hit the Beach SIM, so we wont let our Hunters down and created 10 Items 5 each genre with full outfits to dress up and Hit the Sand, grab a towel and the sun lotion the full outfits are waiting for you

Ready to Hunt ? so you will find  Star Fish of different colors Yellow for the Ladies and Red for the Guys

all 5 outfits for each genre are exclusive and both have 2 exclusive items inside for both genders so why not hunt them all

again like all our outfit hunts every VIP that joins the group and hunts all 5 items for each genre and contact the store owners with a notecard with the names of all 5 outfits gets a gift back this time off course a summer gift


Ready..set..go, and remember on second life summer is eternal

Happy Hunting


Store new Location


Hello NS2C Shoppaholics the Store has moved for the Beach…yes the while having fun Hunting and Shopping you can get a good Tan now

Located at Increta Beach we now have More space and fun to offer our Customers


Besides the New Collections added and new ones hitting then store this week, we now offer our Customers and Friends a beach with a cuddle area, a Garden, a Photo studio , Our Lucky Chairs, Active Hunts , 1 Linden a Day vote box , Daily Gifts Giver , MM Boards , guess and win , Lucky Dip , 50% off week and much more…so we changed Big and we offer big also..come and check us Out and relax at the beach and our new Garden

secondlife-postcard (7)

Happy Shopping and relaxing


Funny Hunt

funny hunt

Second life is a Place where you can have fun right? so this hunt is all about fun, 10 items that will make you Smile and have fun on SL guaranteed…what are you waiting for? happy Hunting
Hunt/Event Name: Funny Hunt
Hunt/Event Dates: 30/07 to 30/08

Number of Stops and/or Prizes: 10
Description of Hunt Object : a Lipstick
Start Location (SLURL):
Contact Person(s): Crikka1 Resident

Bad Girl Vs Good Boy

Bad girl vs good boy hunt

This Month NS2C flips the coin and gets those Bad Ladies to show their Bad and sexy side versus the Good Boys that probably will turn bad after the ladies take a bite at them

so their will be 5 items for the ladies 4 dresses and a pair of boots and 5 items for the guys complete good boy looks from top to bottom
each will be at 10 linden and the ones that hunt all 5 of them will continue to get a free outfit from the store if they send a notecard or IM to the store owners…easy deal has always…have fun and Happy shopping

Hunting Objects :

- Skull Image ( Ladies )

- Sungalsses ( Men )

Cute Girl Vs Bad Boy Hunt

cute girl dresses hunt

Hello NS2C Shoppaholics – Still 2 weeks left to Hunt for that Cute Girl & Bad Boy Look

the Items to Hunt are Cupcakes for the Ladies & Skulls for the Guys each 10 Lindens

Hunt them all for each genre and there is a NS2C  —  ” FREE ” — Outfit  for you

bad boy 5 outrfits hunt

NS2C – Cute Girl VS Bad Boy Hunt

NS21C Cute girl Vs Bad boy hunt poster

NS2C Goes VS this time – 10 outfits at 10 lindens each – 5 for the Ladies vs 5 for the Boys

The Ladies outfits are Cute dresses to sweet up the Bad boys and The Boys Outfits made to provoke the sweet Ladies
to everyone that hunts all 5 each and send the names via note card or email to the store Owner can choose a free outfit from the store
so hunt for 5 and get 6 outfits

Happy Hunting

May Hunts at NS2C

Fashionista-Hunt-poster FashionNatic-hunt-poster

Just started today for the next 15 Days at NS2C go hunt for the female and male symbol on the store for the Fashionatic & Fashionista 1 linden Hunts at NS2C 

Hint : Stairs can take you up or down depends on your mood

Happy Hunting

Ready for the 60ld Weekend ???

Black velvet pink black lace

Hey NS2C  Shopaholics  …. yes this weekend we are going Formal – The New Glamour Collection

With no Mesh so all perfect fit and no shape adjustment ( even if our store offers a shape to fit to all our Mesh lines )

Grab your Partner or loved one and fire up those romantic nights with our Glamour line

All items are Copy and the long skirt has a re sizer for that last perfection touch all you ladies love

sliver black

Do Not forget to check our Inworld Store for more Promos,Hunts (always a NS2C Store hunt active),MM Boards, Fun Area With FREE  lucky dip

promos of the week,Freebies & Dollarbies


Cant wait to meet you there

Happy Shopping


Nunodavid Resident

Spring Flowers Hunt

spring flowers hunt cópia

NS2C  – Store Hunts continue…After the huge success of the Easter Hunt, we decided to have always one active at the Store to follow all the other successful Hunts, present on our Costumers  favorite store

This Time we will have a 60$ deal for our next hunt…6 spring themed outfits for the ladies each at 10$ for one Month so go Hunting and bring your Lady friends to grab our flowers… you will be looking for a ( Red Rose image )

Has a Spring gift for every one that finds all 6 roses Joins our Group and sends a inworld notecard and / or email to the store with the 6 names of the hunted Flowers outfits gets a free gift ( Yes Free )

all you need to do is join NS2C Group send the outfit names to Nunodavid Resident or send our store an email

and you can choose any 1 outfit of NS2C and get it free of charge…easy has that :)


Happy Hunting

Nunodavid Resident


ns2c spring hunt